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Should I Replace Siding or Windows First?

Siding and windows are two big-ticket items for homeowners. If you have been thinking about replacing or updating either one, this article will help to guide you in the right direction by providing you with all the necessary information to decide. To get a better idea of which option is best for your home, it’s important that we take a closer look at each one separately and then compare them side-by-side.

Background Information:

1. The cost of home windows and siding

2. How to choose between home windows and siding

3. Pros and cons of replacing your old windows or your old siding first

4. What kind of contractor should hire for this job – a window company vs a roofing company

5. Benefits and drawbacks to both options (home windows, home siding)

6. Which option will be best for my budget?

1. The cost of home windows and siding: Both new windows and some types of siding can be costly investments for homeowners, but how much does each one typically cost? Windows are on the pricier end of the spectrum as they can regularly range between $700 – $3,000 per window depending on style, size, and material used. Siding on the other hand is generally less expensive than its window counterpart with an average price of around $35 – $75 per square foot.

2. How to choose between home windows and siding: Depending on your personal preferences, one option may be more appealing than the other. Since new windows can be costly, you may want to place a higher priority on this project if it’s something that is a necessity to maintain the overall condition of your home. Although, cost comparison cannot be the only determining factor. Overall, replacing windows will have add a much higher resale value to your home as well as create a more efficient and comfortable home.

3. Pros and cons of replacing your old windows or your old siding first: Typically, windows are replaced first in the hierarchy of remodeling. This is simply due to the way the home was constructed, siding and paint go on last. So, if you replace the siding first you are then taking one step forward with two steps back. This being, when windows are replaced first, some siding can be damaged in the process depending on the age of the home and the way it was constructed. It would be like tying your shoes first before putting them on your feet. The price point for siding can be less in some cases, again, materials, size of the home etc., this all play a part in the cost of any project. The pro to replacing siding first would simply be checking off a lower ticketed item off the home’s checklist. When you add in new paint for the new siding, that cost now goes up and you are back to square one. Call today, to speak with an AllGuard Specialist who can help assess how poor your windows are installed and are performing. We are Ft Collins, CO Window installation experts.

4. What kind of contractor should you hire for this job – a window company vs a siding company: These are two separate projects so count on hiring contractors for each one. If you’re looking to find a top-notch window and door replacement company, AllGuard Windows and Doors is Ft Collins, CO Top 3 Rated Window Replacement Companies in Ft Collins, CO. We specialize in 5 Star Customer Service Backed with 5 Star Installations.

5. Benefits and drawbacks to both options (home windows, home siding): Each type of project has its own set of benefits as well as potential pitfalls that may come along with it. Listed below are just some of the pros and cons associated with each:

– The benefit to replacing old siding is that it will give you an updated look that is clean, crisp, and more aesthetically pleasing.

– The downside to this is that siding does not provide much in the way of insulation which could result in higher heating and cooling bills for you down the line.

– Replacing old windows will increase security, improve insulation, decrease noise intrusion, and save you on your utility bills. 

– The potential negative aspect to this option is that replacing all of your windows at once can seem to be expensive depending on their condition, age, style, etc…but it can also make an extreme difference when it comes to appearance and efficiency if installed properly.

6. Which option will be best for my budget? That all depends on your budget, the total amount of windows in the home and the style you are looking for. AllGuard Windows and Doors in Ft Collins, CO window replacement company work with several manufacturers to ensure we can meet any homeowner’s style and budget. Call Us Today and see why we are Ft Collins, CO premiere window and door replacement company.