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Wood Windows​

As with every other product that you select for your home, window material plays a crucial role in establishing style along with affecting its functionality. Wood is a timeless look, out of all the other materials for windows and doors, wood adds “warmth” and a feel that no other material offers. If you are looking for a classic yet affordable option for your windows at home or office, AllGuard Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, CO is the only place to look. Having a tough choice in window selection? Looking to match the windows with existing paint, decor, or theme of your house in Fort Collins, Colorado? We are here to help!

Reasons Why Wood is a Great Choice for Replacement Windows

Wood is one of those materials for home improvement projects that never goes out of style. With new treatments and technology, you can wave goodbye to those old, tired, and high maintenance wood windows of yesterday. At AllGuard Windows and Doors in Ft Collins, CO we work closely with our suppliers and offer the best in quality. The wood windows we specialize in installing are one of the only wood windows that are treated to the core to provide long lasting protection and value to your home. The varieties of wood that are available for window replacement are vast, and depending on your budget, you will be able to find the right choice with AllGuard Windows and Doors, Ft Collins, CO premiere windows and doors replacement company.

We offer color stains and aluminum cladding colors that can be customized to fit any homes style. Wood window stains convey tone and range from light to deep colors. Stains are also used to visually increase or decrease the size of the room. For instance, a dark colored stained window tends to reduce the visual expanse of a larger space, whereas lighter stains create a feeling of openness and make the room look larger than it is.

With a reputable company like AllGuard Windows & Doors, you will find window replacement service that will increase the value of your home in Northern Colorado. We specialize in window and door replacement. Our focus is providing 5 Star Customer Service backed with our time tested 5 Star Installations. Call Us Today and have it done right!

Reasons the Window Installation is Safe in Our Hands

We at AllGuard Windows and Doors in Ft Collins CO value integrity and character, and these two traits are at the center of what we do. We are dedicated to our customers and provide the best customer service in Northern Colorado. We commit to the promise that if we would not install that window in our homes, we would never install it in yours! We assure you that a window or door installed by our company will improve the way you live in and enjoy your home.

AllGuard Windows and Doors in Fort Collins, CO is committed to providing the best quality products for your home. We inspect every product that comes to our supply house before delivering them to your home for the installation. At AllGuard we believe that professional craftsmanship is truly what separates us from our competitors. From start to finish and beyond you are in Great Hands.

Remember that wood with proper care will increase the value of your home. When the wood is properly sealed, its upkeep is minimal. Promptly cleaning up any gritty materials on the windows can extend its lifespan. Our experts will show you how to maintain your wood windows to help ensure a long-lasting warmth in your home.

When shopping for window replacement service, do not be sidetracked by the cheap price of some of our competitors. They pride themselves on undercutting the competition. When all they are doing is providing subpar products with subpar installations and customer service to match. Do not be fooled. Think about quality and reliability. The old saying rings true “You truly get what you pay for.” Whether you are in the planning stage of window replacement or want to have it done right away, call us at AllGuard Windows and Doors, Fort Collins Colorado’s Premiere Windows and Doors Replacement Company and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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