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Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Not too long ago, fiberglass windows were on the low end of requests when it came to home renovations. It was a small fraction of the market. That has changed over the last few years.

Today, fiberglass windows are one of the most popular options for window installation. From designers to engineers and project runners, more and more professionals suggest fiberglass for window renovation. They laud it as affordable and durable, an enhancement to comfort and appearance.

Fiberglass is known to be a strong and versatile solution. They function like new windows from initial installation through the long-term. These windows provide a high-end return that makes every penny worth the investment.

Yes, fiberglass windows may cost a little extra upfront, but the return is immeasurable.

Reasons to Love Fiberglass Windows

If you want to ensure you are making a smart choice for your new windows, talk to someone in-the-know about fiberglass. They will tell you all about the following and more.

Fiberglass: Strong & Durable Made of glass fibers, the design comes from a weft inserter weaving and knitting the fibers into a resin injection. Each fiber is strategically placed. This ensures each pane is lineal and maximized for strength.

Fiberglass windows do not easily damage. They are resistant to the scratching, denting, warping and erosion that threatens other window materials. You can also select a layered option to reinforce the installation.

Fiberglass Energy Efficiency In All Seasons

Fiberglass window replacements hold up against extreme cold and heat. The design returns durable, strong frames that are strong and stable. Unlike other materials, weather and other outdoor elements will not contract, expand, warp, twist or cause any other defect in the to the window frame.

Fiberglass windows come with insulation similar to the natural insulation from wood windows. Combined with multiple panes, fiberglass will only increase your home’s energy efficiency. This leads to significant savings on utilities during the cold Colorado winter months.

Fiberglass: Low Maintenance Thanks to its durability, a fiberglass window is easy to manage over its lifespan. They are difficult to damage. Fiberglass windows are powder coated which leads to a very durable and long lasting finish that will never require a new paint job. 

If you want to know more about its great advantages, Give Us a Call Today and let us handle your Fiberglass Replacement Windows in Northern Colorado.