Window Installation - Fort Collins CO

There are many reasons to replace your windows. You want to stop drafts. You'd like to rid the home of storm windows. Perhaps you’d like to maximize heating and cooling efficiency. You may want the ease of tilting for accessible cleaning. Maybe you’re looking to maximize curb appeal.

With the newest processes, manufacturers are producing windows that offer sound benefits. A Northern Colorado window installation will add value to your property. What follows is a primer for choosing windows, what you need to know about them and process of replacing them.

Why You Want Functioning Windows

Windows have traditional functions, such as allowing in daylight, protecting against the weather, fresh air supply and an ability to see outside. They meet acoustical and thermal requirements. There’s also the aesthetic aspect. Your Windows make the home look comfortable and valuable.

Windows are a source of natural ventilation, providing a sufficient and controlled air exchange. The design impacts both infiltration and exfiltration. Windows are sound insulators. Exposure to noise can have long term and negative effects on the heart and can lead to circulatory disease. Windows are required to have sound insulation through glass thickness and glazing to dampen sound.

They Use Solar Energy

Your windows optimize solar gains through low U-values and high SHGC (solar heat gain coefficients). Positioning and size of windows are also important. It’s why we hear so much about the benefits of south-facing windows. We use blinds and curtains to manage solar radiation. This is especially needed in the summer. In winters, the sun in conjunction with your windows maximizes solar energy gain and in turn reduces heat energy demand.

These are only a few of the applications your windows bring to the home. From energy advantages to getting a glimpse of the outside world, windows enrich your lifestyle. It’s important that they are always in good condition. And when they are not, you should talk to a professional installer about replacement windows.

Signs You Need New Windows

Windows can run down with age. They can be damaged. It’s a good idea to know when your windows need replacing. Here are a few indicators that you need new windows.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills are suddenly and unexpectedly high, get your windows inspected. Windows should help manage warm or cold air depending on the season. If they’re not doing so, your windows are faulty. If they’re faulty it means your heating and cooling systems must work harder. This leads to increased bills.

Cool Windows

Stand near a window on cold days. Is it cooler than the rest of the room? If glass is cold to your touch, it’s a sign there's cooled air in that area. If a candle light flickers or the smoke moves near your closed windows, there’s a draft you don’t want. These faulty windows keep your heating and cooling systems from doing their best job.

Stubborn Windows

Opening and closing windows shouldn’t require forearm strength. They should open and close smoothly. If the operation requires a little muscle, there’s a problem. Winters can be painted shut. Some materials can swell and hinder operation.

Leaky Windows/Decaying Frames

Wooden frames are the most common victim of moisture and rotting. There are also leaky windows. Moisture, especially hidden moisture, leads to growth of mold and other contaminants. The longer replacements are postponed the greater the chance your windows continue to deteriorate until you have a health issue. Repair of the window would only be a band aid. Moisture doesn’t stop building in leaking, faulty frames.


If you’re seeing condensation on your windows but you’re unable to touch the condensate, it’s likely because the condensation is between the panes. This is a sign the sealing is failing. This situation requires a professional who can analyze the condensate depending on everything from its look to where it’s appearing on the window.

How to Choose Windows

Windows have a traditional structured but there are huge differences between products. You don’t just want something that looks nice. You want windows that increase your home’s performance. Here are four steps for choosing new and replacement windows.

Find Your Window Style

Home architecture provides clues for picking window styles. For example, a good choice for colonials are double hung windows that open and close on sashes. Its classic look fits well here, as well as in Craftsman and ranch houses. You can also add decorative accents to your windows. Tudor structures with glass filters are an exceptional combination.

Choose Frame Material

Windows are designed from various materials. Vinyl is one of the most common materials and easy to maintain. It’s termite resistant and won’t peel, rot or warp. It will never need staining, painting or sanding. Frames can be wood, aluminum, composite, wood clad or fiberglass. Talk with your northern Colorado window installation professional to discuss materials and what’s expected of a homeowner to manage them.

Look at Glass Packages

The glass package is critical to energy savings. There are:

Decide if You Want to Customize Your Windows

Custom windows are open to size, shape, style and even imagination. Options are endless, but popular ones include bullseye windows, gothic style, arches and even black windows. Create a look that fits your taste and preferences.

Choosing An Installer

There is no way to ensure your windows are done right without working with a professional contractor. You have access to quality materials based upon experienced counsel. Every component will contribute to performance and aesthetics. A professional has access to proper tools and skill required for a safe and proper installation. Lastly, you’ll have a guarantee on the work.

The Process

Your installer will cover the entire installation procedure but there are general points that we can list here.

A responsible installation has an after-process. This will include:

Window Installation & Peace of Mind

Be careful when choosing a Northern Colorado window installation contractor. Have that initial meeting. Get a clear understanding of the process and an estimate that promises no surprise fees. They should know how long the work will take. And the contractor should stick to their word. It should be a process that minimizes impact on your routines.

When you’re ready to work on your windows, get in touch with a reputable, licensed and trustworthy windows company. It’s the only way to be sure you get everything you want and that's your money’s worth!