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Door Replacement in Fort Collins

Finding the Best Exterior Door to fit Your Needs

Residential doors are an important and irreplaceable item in nearly every structure. After all, they are what provide safe and easy passage from one portion of the home or business to another. Doors make privacy and even safety possible by allowing our home to be closed and locked, securing it from the elements or any danger outside. It can then be reopened again anytime at the owner or occupant’s discretion.

Do we consider just how important it is to maintain the appearance and condition of every door in our home? The quality and status of the doors around and within our home can have a large effect on the amount of money we spend on heating and cooling. The overall appearance of the doors in our home can also have a sizable impact on the value of our home.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to hire a company with the necessary years of background and experience installing and repairing doors and windows for completing any work on your home. At AllGuard Windows and Door Replacement in Northern Colorado, we can help create that perfect look you are seeking. We can assist with everything from architecturally designed custom doors to needing a simple replacement interior or entry door for your home. No matter what your dilemma, we can offer a solution. If it is your business that is needing a door repair or replacement, no worries, we also install and replace many different types of commercial doors. Talk to one of our agents and let us help you find a solution that is right for you.

Exterior Doors

Today’s exterior doors come in a variety of different materials. Traditionally, wood or steel was the material of choice for most entry doors. This has changed somewhat in recent decades. Today exterior door units and their parts can be made from wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, rubber and glass. Depending on the individual product and style, exterior doors can even be constructed using a combination of these different materials. For example, the actual door itself might be made of wood covered with a thin layer of metal and an aluminum door frame with synthetic rubber as the weather stripping. Some exterior door units also have a small or large window installed within the door itself. A window like this often exists for decorative or viewing purposes. Exterior doors often have weather-resistant fiberglass or vinyl trim around the outside.

New Patio Doors

What could be better than enjoying a clear life-like view of the beautiful outdoors every morning without being bitten by insects or discovering one in your cup of coffee? Older patio doors from years past often lack a clear and open viewing area that we find so in demand today. Many times there are partitions and older glass that is incapable of delivering that unforgettable view of the landscape. New patio doors, on the other hand, have the potential of truly bringing that outdoor scenery to life. Anyone can enjoy all the advantages of the outdoors without the need to suffer the multitude of disadvantages from actually being exposed.

Our team of experts can help with selecting the correct style door for your home or business. We have a team of dedicated members with years of experience. They have the expertise necessary to assist both business and homeowners with selecting the best product to fulfill their vision.

New French Doors

If you are one who enjoys that fresh view of the mountain scenery then you might be a good candidate for an eye-appealing pair of French doors. A suitable alternative to patio doors, a new set of French doors is a great way to highlight the natural character of your home. What could be cozier than the architectural appeal of the doors themselves combined with a clear view of that nearby beautiful landscape?

Superior Quality Replacement Doors

With so many different items and options to choose from, finding the best door as a replacement can be somewhat of a challenge. At AllGuard Windows and Doors Replacement in Ft Collins, our experts can help with finding the best product to fit your individual needs. Our professionals can work closely with every customer on product design and selection to achieve the quality results expected from a leader. If necessary, can be involved with the entire selection process from start to finish.

With those who already have a clear vision of how the outcome should look, we are happy to fulfill the results anticipated for any home or business.

Old, low-quality or poorly installed doors can be frustrating and even dangerous if allowed to remain in bad condition. Many times doors are the victim of age, overuse and abuse.

If older doors are in a high traffic area they will often show many common signs of wear:

Misalignment– Doors that stick due to misalignment often become difficult to open and close.

Air Leaks– Over time air leaks can become significant causing a substantial increase in energy costs.

Noisy Squeaks– When used, older doors often produce loud and noisy squeaking which is an especially large problem for business owners where overall reputation is a priority.

Damaged Hinges– A problem like damaged hinges can become a large factor in preventing safe and secure passage through any door.

Damaged or Misaligned Locks– Locks that are damaged or out of alignment is not only a frustrating problem but can result in unsecured property and even broken keys. This can require the costly services of a 24/7 locksmith.

Damaged Door or Frame– A door is only as good as the framework in which it is installed. A broken or damaged door or frame can be not only dangerous but also difficult to use.

Rotting Wood– A rotting door or frame creates an insecure entry point and a potential disaster waiting to happen. A rotted wooden door frame can be easily broken into by intruders and also poses a notable risk of falling apart during use. The entire door and frame could even fall upon anyone trying to justly enter the home or business.

Rusted Metal– Not only an unsightly prospect, a rusted door or frame can also compromise security and prevent the smooth usage of any door.

Our expert installation staff possesses the knowledge and experience necessary for helping to select the best door or doors for your home or business. We can install a variety of sizes and different styles of doors quickly and professionally. Some of our products include:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors

Quality – Our doors are constructed of quality material and meet all guidelines with fire safety, energy efficiency and durability. We also guarantee our work to be completed correctly the first time. This allows every customer to fully enjoy their new doors and avoid any future problems with the products we install.

Energy Savings – Older doors can cause elevated heating and cooling bills. We all know how extreme the temperatures can become in this region of the country. Doors with inadequate framing and insufficient materials will hinder efforts to control the climate inside any home. Heating and cooling costs can climb while the home becomes less energy efficient.

Appearance – As the doors around any home get older it will often require a substantial amount of work to keep them looking good. Replacing older doors will allow homeowners to avoid the difficult process of painting and caulking in and around these items every year. Our doors are maintenance-free and completely weatherproof. They also have a professional undercoating with several layers of exterior paint to ensure maximum protection against the elements.

With a multitude of different styles and options on today’s market, it can be somewhat difficult knowing which door or set of doors is right for you. We are excited to have a member of our knowledgeable staff assist you in making that decision. Help from one of our team members can make all the difference in finding the product that is the best fit for your situation and budget. Here at AllGuard Windows and Doors Replacement in Fort Collins, we want to do more than simply help solve our customer’s door and window needs. We strive toward the goal of becoming a trusted household name.