The city of Wellington Colorado is located in the South Platte River Valley just 15 minutes away from Denver. The population of Wellington is approximately 2,500 people, resulting in a small town that still offers big opportunities. If you're looking for a town with low crime rates and plenty of parks and trails available for recreation, then consider living in Wellington!

Parks and trails are easily accessible throughout Wellington making it an ideal place for families with children to settle down. The town has many areas such as parks and recreation areas where both small children and older adults alike can enjoy themselves in healthy ways.

The town also has many trails available for both walking and biking. In fact, there are over 18 miles of trails accessible within 10 minutes of downtown. These trails give walkers and bikers easy access to nature as well as providing safe passageways to other places such as schools. Several different trail systems connect together which can provide recreation opportunities not only year-round but also for those who want an easier time getting around town. With so much access to parks and trails, Wellington is definitely a great place to settle down.