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New windows increase your homes value – let’s get started

If you are looking to add value to your home in Fort Collins, a great place to start is with new replacement windows. Although it may seem like you are investing in your home – replacing the windows more than pays for itself. Here is some information that explains why new windows are so important when trying to sell a house.

New windows are one of the most talked-about upgrades homeowners can make. Windows are not just an aspect of your home’s appearance – they also play a large role in your home’s energy efficiency.

The Real Estate Staging Association suggests “as many as 75 percent of buyers would choose a different house if the current one lacks double-glazed or storm glass.” Lowering utility bills increases value because it means lower maintenance costs for you and your family over time. It also means less money spent on utilities adds to your savings, making it easier to keep up with energy costs and crucial if you’re trying to sell. Not only that, but because new windows help provide a stable temperature inside your house, they can cut down on loud noises from outside by blocking out the sounds of trucks or lawnmowers.

New windows are also important because they reduce drafts, which can save on heating costs in wintertime. Since most buyers tend to look at homes earlier in the year when there is still snow on the ground, replacement windows are necessary for protection against cold air coming into your home through thin glass panes.

The first step you should take towards increasing your home’s value is talking with a local window installation company about getting free estimates for new replacement windows. Window companies will be able to custom fit windows to your house, keeping in mind the square footage of rooms and your budget.

As you improve each room in your home with new windows, you can expect a rise in value. After all, it’s easier to sell a house that’s comfortable and energy-efficient than one that is drafty and expensive.

Before moving or putting your house on the market always check with a local window replacement company for free estimates.