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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

One of the biggest projects in any home is replacing your windows. This can easily become quite overwhelming, so you need to be sure about what size opening you have and what type of window will best suit your replacement needs. Scheduling a free in-home consultation with us is the best way to ensure you get the right windows you need, measured correctly, and installed properly. Call Us Today.

The first and most crucial step is measurement. We take this step very seriously to ensure an accurate replacement window order as well as an accurate installation. It’s best to have a trained window installation professional take any and all measurements. If you are just trying to get a rough idea of window sizes, let’s briefly go over how to get rough measurements to help make better selections.

You want to first get the width and write that down. Next, take your tape measure and get the height and write that down. Adding the 2 together will give you the United Inches or UI. When ordering a window you will order either based on the rough opening or the frame measurement. The rough opening is the entire opening measurement, from stud to stud. If you have access to the rough opening, this is the best measurement to obtain. In most cases with replacement windows, the rough opening is not always accessible.

Now that you have the width and height of each window opening measured, it’s time to think about what style replacement window you want to install. When choosing a window, consider how much light you want to let in (and how much money you’re willing to spend), as well as whether or not it would be installed on an exterior wall (where cold air might seep inside) or an interior wall. Be sure also to take into account if there is anything else that might affect your decision-making process such as whether or not multiple smaller windows would work better than one large pane of glass.

When looking at windows, you’ll see a variety of features to choose from depending on your wants and needs. For example, you can choose from double-hung windows with side tracks or casement windows that open by twisting the handle, sliding up from the base, or swinging out from the top. If you’re worried about security, a traditional cam lock is your best bet. If noise is an issue consider a triple pane window to lessen outside sounds coming in through your new replacement windows, in some instances, most manufacturers have a sound package built into some of their glass. You also have a vast array of colors and finishes available – white is most popular but there are all kinds of wood stains and vinyl/composite/fiberglass or aluminum-clad to match any décor. And don’t forget about options such as grids for homes to add that traditional look.

Once you’ve decided which type of window would work best, you can then look at all the different features that come with each model. To help you in your decision-making process, here are some helpful tips about replacement windows from AllGuard Windows and Doors:

  • A double-hung is a traditional style where both sashes are operational.
  • A single hung window is similar to a double-hung except the top sash is fixed and only the bottom sash operates.
  • A casement window is a moveable window – it opens by twisting the handle.
  • Sliding windows open horizontally like patio doors; these provide easy access and can be customized in larger sizes.
  • Awning windows are similar to casements in that they open via the handle but open horizontally

Budget can be a big factor when it comes to window replacement. It’s best to have a rough idea of your budget prior to narrowing down your choices. Windows can run various investment points, depending on the style and materials the windows are constructed from. The window material as well as what type of installation will be required will all play a role in the investment point.

The type of exterior wall, where it’s located in your house, how much sunlight enters the room, and noise reduction capabilities will all affect which kind of window you need. If you live in an area close to water or with lots of winds and storms, consider hurricane impact glass and fiberglass or composite frame. Also, consider triple-pane glass options, the air between the panes will act as an insulator and reduce outside sounds coming into your home. They’re not cheap due to their special design but they definitely help keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer – which would end up saving you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills down the road.

Glazing is also important mainly for insulation purposes. If you are planning to install replacement windows that are double-pane or triple-pane, opt for argon-filled glass since it has higher thermal strength than air alone

If there’s a lot of sunlight and glare in your room, look for windows with shading options and higher levels of LowE. Window treatments such as blinds and curtains can also help keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer.

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